Locations in Denmark

Denmark offers a variety of filming locations. Architecture, design and bridges is probably what we’re most famous for at the moment, many times thanks to Bjarke Ingels work. You’ll find both modern and classical architecture in Copenhagen but also out in our small villages.

In Denmark we focus on sustainability when designing buildings but also in Bicycle Infrastructure – it’s easy to get around and bike anywhere in Copenhagen. We are also known for The Bridge of course that connects us with Sweden.

Then we have the food! In Copenhagen and Aarhus you’ll find many Michelin restaurants. We also have great open air foodmarts and cozy cafés.

Out in the countryside you’ll find nature environments and a breath taking variety of scenic roads, long sandy beaches and chalk cliffs. You’ll also find that there’s a short distance between places when getting around.

Our crews are highly skilled, flexible and used to working with smaller budgets as well as Hollywood productions of a bigger size. When it comes to permits – in general it’s easy and cheap to obtain shooting permits for smaller exterior shoots in Copenhagen if we don’t need to close the streets that is. Interior locations can vary in price.

For all sizes of production we provide location help such as:

  • Location scouts
  • Location Managers
  • Permits and logistic help

To get an idea of what various locations in Denmark can look like, have a look here.


Looking for something elses? Here’s a sample of other crew members and production services that we can help out with.


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